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The ARTE offers residents a wide range of facilities for their entertainment. Residents can enjoy a relaxing time at the outdoor lounge or the sky terrace, hit small balls at the tennis court, have good family fun at the swimming pool or at the main lawn. There is also a gym room, a clubhouse and many more facilities for the residents' enjoyment.

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Key General Rules & Regulations on the Use of Facilities

Authorized Users:
1. The recreational facilities are for the EXCLUSIVE use of residents and their guests. Non-resident Subsidiary Proprietors who have tenanted out their units are deemed to have assigned their rights to use the facilities to their tenants.

2. All guests may only use the recreational facilities when accompanied by their host(s), who will ensure that their guests comply with the rules and regulations of the recreational facilities

Booking Rules:
3. Residents must produce valid access cards to use the facilities or to make prior bookings as prior bookings by residents are necessary to use certain facilities.

4. Bookings are non-transferable and can only be made by a resident for a particular unit. Residents are not permitted to place bookings on behalf of other residents from other units.

5. Each apartment unit is entitled to the booking of only one (1) facility at any one time. Bookings of different facilities for the same time slot shall not be permitted.

6. Residents must inform the Management of any existing damages to the facility or equipment which they or their guests are about to use, failing which they may be held responsible for such damages and be liable for the repair/replacement costs.

7. No food or beverages is allowed in the recreational area other than the grill garden, party deck, outdoor lounge and clubhouse.

8. Any resident and/or his guests who breaches any of the rules herein, or endangers themselves or others, shall be required to leave the area.

9. Residents and guests must be appropriately attired when using the facilities.

10. Children under the age of twelve (12) years must be accompanied by an adult who shall be responsible for their safety and behaviour.

11.Noise levels should be kept to the minimum at all time while using or in the vicinity of the recreational facilities.

12.Football, roller-skating, roller-blading and skateboarding are not allowed on the landscaped deck and common corridors.

13.Pets are not allowed in the recreational facilities.

14.All recreational facilities should be kept clean and tidy during and after usage.

15.All recreational facilities are opened daily except during maintenance and repair works or any other reasons the management deems it necessary to close.

16.The Management will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to any personal property, injury or death arising from the use of the recreational facilities.

17.All these rules and regulations are subject to revision at the discretion of the Management as and when necessary.